Best Netflix Series: The 30 best series that you can see on Netflix and with which you will always be right

protagonist of for 13 reasons reading

We have taken the platform’s catalog to highlight the productions that you cannot miss. Some of the titles are considered the best on television so success is assured.

Creating a list with the best Netflix series is not an easy task. Its catalog is huge and with a lot of suggestive titles and candidates to appear in this ranking. As we cannot include them all, we have made a list that you must have seen if you are a good series. Some are in the section of fictions that have made history on television and others are highlighted for their success or addictive plot, even if they are not so perfect. From different eras, genres, and for all tastes, you will find one that seduces you, from the wonderful ‘Stranger Things’ (we are counting the days to see the fourth installment, about which we already know a little more thanks to the first trailer ) to more fictions light as ‘Emily in Paris’, whose second plot is already underway.

Many of them you will have already devoured, but if time has passed, it will be worth a review, because according to our vital state we will be able to have another perception, it is even likely that we like it more than the first or not … I always say I tried to watch ‘Breaking Bad’ three times and now it’s one of my favorite series. Never had a plot left me with such an abstinence syndrome after the last chapter and that is that some productions, sometimes, need second chances or reunions. Don’t you think

The best series you can watch on Netflix

The Bridgertons

simon and daphne at the bridgertons best Netflix series

The first months of 2021 were ruled by ‘The Bridgertons’. This period ‘Goosip Girl’ was ranked as one of the most viewed content thanks to its addictive plot, based on the novels by Julia Quinn, and the story of Daphne and the handsome Duke. They will not be in the second season, but we are sure that the Bridgerton mania will continue at the top when the new episodes are released.

The innocent

mario casas, in the innocent - best Netflix series

Mario Casas stars in ‘The innocent, a’ thriller ‘by Oriol Paulo, based on the novel by Harlan Coben, about a boy who accidentally murders another and his life becomes a real hell. The plot twists in such a way that, after leaving prison, he is haunted by the shadow of guilt over a lot of events. Addictive and fast-paced, you won’t be able to stop watching it until that end that will leave you unsettled.

Emily in Paris

protagonists of emily in paris in a sequence of the series - best Netflix series

Funny and sparkling, that’s the character that Lily Collins plays in ‘Emily in Paris’. The Darren Star series introduces us to an American girl who goes to the French capital to grow professionally. Its plot is not brainy, but you will enjoy it with its sentimental affairs, the settings and its wonderful ‘outfits’.

Lady’s gambit

anya taylor joy in lady's gambit - best Netflix series

It premiered without much noise and soon became one of the best miniseries on the platform with two Golden Globes, in this category and in that of Best Actress for Anya Taylor-Joy. It will catch you for its original plot, that of an orphan girl who ends up becoming the best chess player in the world, her aesthetics, and all the ‘girl power’ that she reflects.

Sky Red

protagonists of red sky on a road - best Netflix series

Alex Pina, the creator of ‘La casa de papel’, hit it again with this suggestive story focused on the frantic race of three prostitutes to escape from their pimp. Criticism of this type of business is present in a well-armed plot in which women are the real protagonists. The second part of ‘Red Sky’ will arrive on July 23.


protagonist of lupine before some jewels - best Netflix series

If you liked the adventures of Arsen Lupine on paper, watch out, because the series is very cool. Assane is a very perfectionist thief who follows in the footsteps of the literary thief. His objective is to settle accounts, after the unjust death of his father, with a powerful man. Omar Sy puts himself in the shoes of the character with a wonderful performance that we hope will not decline in part two of the installment that will premiere this summer on Netflix.


protagonist of valeria - best Netflix series

The famous character created by Elísabet Benavent successfully jumped to the screen by the hand of Diana Gómez, the actress who plays her. Val is a writer in crisis, literary and married, who does not finish finding her way. Her friends are the only ones who understand and support her. They are a group of three very different girls, but who blend in perfectly with her. So fun and current that you will surely identify with them.

Dark desire

protagonists of dark desire - best Netflix series

Directly from Mexico comes this exciting story starring Maite Perroni and Alejandro Spitzer. A university professor spends a weekend with her friend, recently separated, and meets a boy with whom she has an affair. She, at first, does not give it more importance until she meets him again and starts a plot full of jealousy, crime, and deceit. The physical engagement of these two is equivalent to what you will have with the story.

Stranger Things

eleven and hopper together at the mall - best Netflix series

‘Stranger Things’ was released five years ago and continues to have the same pull from the first day. The characters and story created by the Duffer brothers are fascinating and we can’t wait any longer to see the next season. The day we have to fire Eleven, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and the rest of the cast will be very sad. Until that moment we can enjoy everything we know about the fourth installment.

The curse of Hill House

hill house curse scene - best Netflix series

It is possibly one of the best Netflix horror series. Based on the novel by Shirley Jackson, it tells the story of brothers who grew up in one of the best-known haunted houses in America. However, when they are adults, and they thought they had left the mysteries of that mansion behind, they will have to face it again. If you are wanting more, write down ‘The Curse of Bly Manor’, a beautiful gothic tale.


scene from the dark series with the protagonists about to kiss

Considered the best Netflix series, according to Rotten Tomatoes, you will need patience not to get lost in its complex plot, but it will be worth the time. Netflix created an interactive website with the best sketches to make it easier for you to understand the story. Well executed and with characters that catch you, if you were tempted to leave it or you did, it is important to give it another chance. As it is finished, you can enjoy it at once.

Black Mirror

san junípero scene

‘Black Mirror’ is perfect for those people unable to follow a plot for a long time and this British gem has a different story in each chapter. Each story will make you reflect on the role of technology in our lives, it will even scare you at times.


Joe in a scene from you

If you are a fan of the series, we ask you to calm down because throughout 2021 the third season of ‘You’ will be released. It’s not a masterpiece, but it has all the ingredients to get you madly hooked. It is the story of Joe, a young bookseller who becomes obsessed with a girl until he ends up with her. That will be the first crime of many that he leaves behind while trying to create a life with his new partner Love. However, it seems that in the next chapters their relationship will be as dark as the personality of both.

Orange is the New Black – best Netflix series

protagonists of the series during a scene in the hairdresser

Jenji Kohan made gold with the true story of Piper Kerman in this series that has a long list of awards and nominations that endorse its quality. Prison fiction leaves us with great characters such as Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba or Laverne Cox and important reflections on the American prison system, the abuse of power and sexuality.

Sex education

maeve on sex education

The funniest kind of sex you will ever see comes from the hand of this British series that is listed as one of the resounding triumphs of the platform. We love it for its characters, aesthetics, for how well the themes it deals with, and the importance of them are carried out. We are looking forward to the third season of ‘Sex Education’ that will arrive in the next few months.

Peaky Blinders

anya taylorjoy on peaky blinders

If you liked ‘The Sopranos’ and you love ‘The Godfather’, you cannot miss the story of ‘Peaky Blinders’ about a family of gangsters after the First World War. You will be captivated by its image, the costumes, its soundtrack, and the wonderful cast led by Cillian Muphy. In addition, Anya Taylor-Joy also intervenes.

The Crown

scene from lady di in the series

Captivating, this is ‘The Crown’, thanks to that well-cooked story, with impeccable photography and a luxurious cast. With these ingredients it is difficult to fail. If you are fascinated by royalty, you cannot ignore this story about Elizabeth II. In addition, it will give you a history lesson that never hurts.

Russian doll – best Netflix series

protagonist of the series looks through a glass

It was one of the most unexpected surprises when it was released. Strange and different, we got into the time loop, and without blinking, of this creation of Leslye Headland, Amy Poehler, and Natasha Lyonne (the latter is its protagonist). An enjoyable series with a round closure, although there will be more ‘Russian Doll’ thanks to its second installment.


unorthodox couple during their wedding

It was one of the best stories of 2020. It is impressive what Shira Haas does in the skin of Esther Shapiro, a young Jewish woman who escapes from a life she hates to carve out the one she really wants. Based on the biography of Deborah Feldman, the plot will overwhelm you to unsuspected limits. WONDERFUL.

The Umbrella Academy

Cast of the umbrella academy

This family of atypical superheroes will make you fall in love when you meet them. All its members have an overwhelming personality and play a fundamental role in a plot with very surreal points, good special effects, and some villains that will fascinate you. Look out for the ‘lookazos’ of our beloved Kate Walsh! If you didn’t know, the ‘The Umbrella Academy’ family will return with a much more exciting third batch.

Breaking Bad

walter white in a promotional scene of the series

It is one of the best series in the history of television, period. The progression of Walter White through the five seasons that make up this Vince Gilligan masterpiece is amazing. Bryan Cranston’s performance is brilliant and gets you to love his character, despite all the wrong things he does. His co-stars also do magic, especially Aaron Paul, Giancarlo Esposito and Bob Odenkirk, whose great Saul gave even for another fiction.

Derry Girls

Cast of derry girls

Looking for a smart ‘teen’ series? Here you have it. You are in front of one of the best comedies of recent times and it is starred by five girls who study in a nun’s school. The characters will seduce you, the historical references and their way of speaking (you will need a translator because it is crazy). And our dear Penelope from ‘The Bridgertons’ comes out!

Paquita Salas

paquita halls

The Javis has given us a great character. Paquita (Brays Efe) is the center around which other peculiar beings such as Magüi (Belén Cuesta), Noemí Argüelles (Yolanda Ramos) and Lidia San José revolve. His cameos are always gold. It will make you laugh, cry, get excited, and need more chapters to see Gin and tonic and torreznos in hand.

House of Cards

protagonist of house of cards in his office

Regardless of controversy, Kevin Spacey created a great character with Robin Wright (she was always the true protagonist). Just to see these two in action is worth the series, considered one of the best on the small screen. Based on the novel by Michael Dobbs, it is a perfect portrait of lies and the darker side of politics.

The Money Heist

Ursula crouched, in an action scene

It’s fast pace and The Professor and his team will keep you going for hours without taking your eyes off the screen. Alex Pina is at the forefront of this series that has been a worldwide phenomenon thanks to a very media cast that works well and an attractive plot that will continue in season 5. The last …

How to defend a murderer

cast of how to defend a murderer in a sequence with the trophy

‘How to defend a murderer’ is Viola Davis. Just to enjoy the role that is marked deserves to be on this list. Behind this ‘guilty pleasure’ is Shonda Rhimes, an expert in giving us addictive series and this is one that you will start and will not be able to stop watching. A full-blown soap opera with a splendid protagonist at the fore!


Javier Rey in Fariña

Addictive ‘Thriller’ that will make you travel to Galicia in the 80s and to the heyday of drug trafficking at that time. Good script, staging, rhythm and a cast led by Javier Rey, winner of a Feroz for this role, make this series one of the best with the ‘Made in Spain’ label.

I never

scene with the protagonists of I never in class

This was another big surprise from last season and it comes with the signing of the fun and talented Mindy Kaling. Intelligent and funny scripts are the main strength of this drama-comedy starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, a young actress who gives us a great performance in the skin of a teenager with a very particular personality. Season 2 of ‘Never’ is also falling.


rebeca, caye and omar, from Elite

‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Elite’ on the same list? It’s crazy, but yeah. The Spanish series has hit it to maximum levels, it has launched its actors to stardom and its success is likely to continue in the fourth season. His story goes beyond the troubles of a high school, dealing with issues such as social classes, ‘bullying’, drugs, sex, friendship, among other relevant issues. It is inevitably addictive …

For 13 reasons

protagonist of for 13 reasons reading

We close with another of the ‘hitazos’ of the platform, also involved in controversy, but that has dared to put on the table topics that are usually hidden such as harassment, sexual abuse and suicide. You will always get a lesson after watching it.

Wrap up

Have you all enjoyed the BEST NETFLIX SERIES  mentioned in this article!! On the other hand, your suggestions are always welcomed. Feel free and drop the message and also comment on the comment section on which series is your favorite. Don’t hesitate to Contact us

Have a good day! See you all soon.

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