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2021 series calendar cover in frames

We collect all the titles and release dates of this year’s streaming crop. Take aim!

  • We put in order the best series of 2021, the essential ones, and we also collect the next releases.

New year, new harvest in ‘streaming’. The series does not stop in 2021, a year that comes loaded with news, but also with old acquaintances who return to continue where they left off. Platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Apple TV +, Movistar +, Filmin, or Starzplay bring us this year those that will become the best series of 2021, and here we are prepared to collect all the titles, their corresponding dates of the premiere and the ranking from worst to best, where you will be clear about the titles that you will not want to miss for the world. Spoiler: in this list, you will find authentic ‘hits’ like’ Scarlet Witch and Vision ‘, the first Marvel Studios series on Disney +, the anthology by filmmaker Steve McQueen, the bombshell’ Sky Rojo ‘from the creators of La casa de Papel ‘on Netflix, and also unexpected hits like’ Lupine ‘or’ Calls ‘.

Comparisons are hateful but unavoidable. Will these new series manage to match what we saw in 2020, such as the emotional ‘Unorthodox’, the delusional ‘Tiger King’, the captivating ‘Lady’s Gambit’, the provocative ‘I could destroy you’, the brilliant ‘Normal People’, the hilarious ‘Ted Lasso’? And in the Spanish terrain, will there be a more excellent triad than the one formed by the intense ‘Anti-riot’, the revolutionary ‘ Veneno ‘ and the harsh ‘Patria’? Of course, the bar is high in the world of series, and more and more. Hundreds of titles are released each year and the competition is fierce. But, as avid series fans, we don’t want to miss out on anything. Or better:

Without further ado, we know that you are hungry series, we leave you with our ranking of the best series of 2021, in which we make a selection (putting them all would be impossible) of the most outstanding, for the good and for the bad. Right after, we include a very complete calendar with all the titles that will arrive soon and their release dates. So that you are attentive. Take aim!

25 – Big Sky (Season 1)

big sky
Disney +

The creator of hit series like ‘Big Little Lies’ and the recent ‘The Undoing’, David E. Kelley , returns to the fray with another crime thriller series involving violence against women and script twists to keep the viewer in check. alert. Three women are kidnapped by a truck driver and a group of private detectives will have to unravel not only what has happened, but also who is protecting this criminal. The result is far more mediocre than Kelley’s previous series, probably because it packs up the worst of those: flat characters, questionable plots, and not much interest in its mysteries.

Release date: February 23.
Available at : Disney + (via Star).

24 – Behind His Eyes (Miniseries)

behind your eyes

This is possibly the craziest series we’ll come across in 2021, and sometimes that works to your advantage and sometimes to your detriment. Based on the novel by Sarah Pinborough , it follows the story of a single mother, Louise ( Simona Brown ), who happens to meet David ( Tom Bateman ), with whom she instantly connects. But soon he learns that he is his new boss and that he is married to Adele ( Eve Hewson ), who keeps many secrets. Each twist of the story promises to create more addiction in the viewers, but, when finished, the feeling is that surprise has won out over logic, and that certain questionable decisions cannot be forgiven.

Release date : February 17.
Available on : Netflix.

23 – Memories of Idhún (Season 2)

Idhun's memories

After seeing the first episodes last September, ‘Memories of Idhún’ returns to continue with the story … And to leave it halfway. The series, based on the novels by Laura Gallego , has been canceled on Netflix after the premiere of this second season , so we are already facing the viewing with some discouragement. Either because of the lack of agreement between Netflix and the author (who has refused to sell the rights to the continuation of the story) or because of the controversies (the voice actors were strongly criticized, except for Michelle Jenner ), this adaptation In the form of a Japanese anime she is stillborn and, in her new episodes, she reminds us of everything that was wrong with her.

Release date: January 8.
Available on: Netflix.

22 – American Gods (Season 3)

raven, crow, bird, crow like bird, human, adaptation, rock dove, raven, photography, perching bird,
The King of the Gods is back on Amazon Prime

Neil Gaiman’s comic book adaptation returns for a third season, which curiously fits perfectly with the present moment in America, where a once powerful, control-hungry megalomaniac wants to unleash mayhem. But the hero of the story is Shadow Moon, who lives among humans for the first time in this stretch of history, but soon discovers that earthly life has as many mysteries as that of the Gods. The series retains its virtues to the delight of its fans, although it is far from being the series that marks this 2021.

Release date : January 11.
Available at : Amazon Prime Video.

21 – Fate: The Winx Saga (Season 1)

"fate the winx saga"

For those who grew up with ‘Winx Club’, this was possibly one of the most anticipated series of the year. But the truth is that, for better and for worse, this Netflix adaptation has nothing to do with its predecessor: a mixture of Harry Potter and ‘Vampire Academy’, ‘Destiny: The Winx saga’ brings us a less colorful and more serious, with teenagers who deal with insecurities and addictions, without wings and, yes, with a lot of fantasy. He may not have the loyalty that many fans would be looking for, but he is faithful to his fantastic ‘Young Adult’ proposal.

Release date : January 22.
Available on : Netflix.

20 – Apocalypse (The Stand) (Miniseries)


A new adaptation of Stephen King returns to the small screen. And they are not few! ‘ The Stand ‘ tells the story of a false messiah who emerges after the massive destruction caused by a human virus called “Captain Trips”. A group of people will try to confront their power, and save the Earth from the apocalypse. With big names like Alexander Skarsgård, James Marsden, Whoopi Goldberg and Amber Heard in the cast, it has been one of those series that promised a lot and, finally, has not managed to survive its own ‘hype’. His brilliant starting point is not fully exploited in this adaptation.

Release date : January 3.
Available at : Starzplay.

19 – Red Sky (Season 1)

Lali Espósito, Verónica Sánchez and Yanny Prado in Sky Rojo

The soul of this series by Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato are its three protagonists, three women who flee from their pimps to achieve freedom at all costs. Coral ( Verónica Sánchez ), Wendy ( Lali Espósito ) and Gina ( Yany Prado ) lead this cross between Quentin Tarantino’s cinema and the most shameless ‘exploitation’, which is lived quickly (with eight 25-minute episodes, the series passes in a sigh) and has to be chewed later. And it is that in his many excesses and taste for the sexualization and fetishization of his widely exploited imaginary, his abolitionist message is lost among the dunes.

Release date : March 19.
Available on : Netflix.

18 – Love, Victor (Season 1)

michael cimino in love victor
20th Century Fox

The success of the film ‘With love, Simon’, based on the novel Becky Albertalli , has led to this ‘spin off’ with the same approach: a teenage romantic comedy starring a boy who is afraid to express aloud that his orientation sexual does not conform to heteronormativity. Víctor Salazar (played by Michael Cimino) is the protagonist of a series that, without being radical in any way or explicit in its representation of sexual awakening, manages to find a space (finally) in ‘mainstream’ romance for ‘queer’ representation ‘.

Release date : February 23.
Available on : Disney + (Star channel).

17 – The Serpent (Miniseries)

jenna coleman as moniquemarie andrée leclerc, tahir rahim as charles sobraj, the serpent
Roland Neveu BBC

This fictional series tells the true story of Charles Sobhraj ( Tahar Rahim ) and his girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc ( Jenna Coleman ), who in the 1970s abducted and murdered defenseless tourists across Thailand, Nepal and India. . Behind his incredible seventies looks, this series shows the rawness of this serial killer and all those who helped hunt him down and put him behind bars. The series has great actors and questionable wigs, but it manages to hook with its strongly dramatized story for television and aware of how much a good ‘true crime’ attracts today’s public.

Release date : April 2.
Available on : Netflix.

16 – Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Season 2)

zoeys extraordinary playlist

The most musical series on the television grill is back for a second season. ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’ told us the story of a young woman who, one day, begins to live her life within her own playlist . In other words, everyone around them expresses their feelings through songs, in what is explained to us as a failure of their own brain and that, for practical purposes, turns the series into a full-blown musical. Those who enjoyed the extravagances of the first season will also do so with a second season that follows the same maxims.

Release date : January 6.
Available on : HBO.

15 – Tribes of Europe (Season 1)

tribes of europe

This German series aspires to follow the success of ‘Dark’ with touches of ‘Game of Thrones’ and post-apocalyptic fiction , and the result of that hodgepodge is remarkable. History places us in 2074, half a century after a huge war in Europe that ended the continent divided into twelve tribes in constant conflict. The protagonists are three brothers who will have to fight to discover the truth about the past and restore peace amid all the chaos. Created by Florian Baxmeyer and Philip Koch , it is an exciting series that wins with its futuristic approach and loses by not knowing how to offer truly round characters.

Release date : February 19.
Available on : Netflix.

14 – Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Season 1)

anthony mackie, sebastian stan, the falcon and the winter soldier
Marvel studios

After ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’, Marvel Studios continues its way in the world of series on Disney + with ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, where Sam Wilson ( Anthony Mackie ) and Bucky Barnes ( Sebastian Stan ) return fans to a more familiar narrative and action. The spirit of the Marvel movies lives on in this series, which deals with the legacy of the late Captain America through his two best friends and successors as well. But the series, between shootings and chases, also elaborates a racial and mental health discourse that innovates with respect to its precedents.

Release date : March 19.
Available at : Disney +.

13 – The Nevers (Season 1)

laura donnelly as amalia true, ann skelly as penance adair, the nevers cast

Unfortunately, this very interesting fantasy series has come to ‘streaming’ with a curse: the shadow of Joss Whedon , its creator, who has recently been criticized for his abuse on the set of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘La League of Justice’. Although Whedon exited the project last November, leaving Philippa Goslett as official showrunner , his mark is everywhere. ‘The Nevers’ follows some women in Victorian times who have been “touched” by a strange phenomenon that has given them extraordinary powers. It is visually amazing, but narratively confusing. Will you manage to overcome your most obvious obstacles?

Release Date :
Available on : HBO.

12 – Genera + ion (Season 1)

After ‘Euphoria’, Generation Z can find another series tailored to their circumstances on HBO Spain: ‘Genera + ion’ is a portrait of today’s adolescence, an exploration of sexuality as a spectrum and of social networks as defining aspects of an entire existence . Its protagonists (where the great Justice Smith stands out ) live their own personal journeys to find themselves, whether in who they want to love, how they want to dress or what they want for their future step into adult life. And they do it, above all, in a conservative society that does not quite understand them. Created by Zelda Barnz and Daniel Barnz , the series tries to find a balance between its remarkable comedy and its sometimes artificial protagonists.

Release date : March 11.
Available on : HBO.

11 – Dickinson (Season 2)

Apple tv

Hailee Stainfeld’s Emily Dickinson is back , a very modern version of the American poet who in this second season will continue to explore her family and social conflicts, although the impact of her period anachronisms is no longer the same. Created by Alena Smith , it has a fresh and feminist perspective that delves into the internal and external conflicts of the author, with a great sense of humor and the ability to surprise us with her guest artists and out of tune. It’s a unique series right now, and it’s a shame we aren’t paying more attention to it.

Release date : January 8.
Available on : Apple TV +.

10 – Calls (Season 1)

Apple TV +

This is possibly one of the most original, fascinating and terrifying series proposals of the year. And all you need are phone recordings. Created by Fede Álvarez (director of the intense ‘Don’t breathe’), in each episode it reproduces a series of phone calls full of paranormal phenomena, while in the images we only see the waves moving and forming disturbing figures. What begins with everyday stories ends up in situations of authentic tension, thanks in part to the voices of Nick Jonas, Lily Collins, Rosario Dawson, Joey King, Pedro Pascal, Mark Duplass, Karen Gillan, Judy Greer, Aubrey Plaza, Danny Pudi and more. A terrifying sound experience.

Release date : March 19.
Available on : Apple TV +.

9 – Honor (Miniseries)

Keeley Hawes (‘The Durrells’) stars in this exemplary British miniseries, based on a real case: the murder of Banaz Mahmod , a 20-year-old Iraqi Kurd who was murdered in 2006 by order of her family after leaving her husband, that he mistreated her. It is what is known as an “honor killing”, and it subjects women like Mahmod to an impossible decision. Hawes takes us through the investigations of the case, with the seriousness and rigor to which prestigious productions on British television (in this case, ITV) have accustomed us , and infuses the thriller and suspense with critical reflection.

Release date : January 5.
Available at : Filmin.

8 – Servant (Season 2)


The M. Night Shyamalan series has returned (and with a third season already confirmed and on the way) and possibly inadvertently has represented the feeling of confinement and isolation that we continue to live because of COVID-19. This second season confines its characters almost entirely in one location , the Turner family home, where a married couple deals with the loss of their baby and finds their only connection to the outside through technology. The director of ‘The Sixth Sense’ could not have nailed the story better for the present moment, in a season that exploits the black comedy of the situation more than ever and gives us even more reason to adore this Apple TV + series.

Release date : January 15.
Available on
 : Apple TV +.

7 – Cobra Kai (Season 3)

cobra kai

Turned into an unexpected phenomenon after her trip from YouTube to Netflix, ‘ Cobra Kai ‘ returned with a third season to renew its already solid legion of fans. The series is a late sequel to ‘Karate Kid’ that brings together the original actors and puts old grudges on the ‘dojo’ that are now also transferred to new generations. The series is engaging not only because it has a dose of nostalgia (inevitable given its origin), but also because it knows how to infuse its characters with soul and charisma, and raise, again this season, the usual concerns from a new perspective.

Release date : January 1.
Available on : Netflix.

6 – Shadow and Bone (Season 1)

ben barnes as general kirigan and jessie mei li as alina starkov in shadow and bone

The fantasy ‘Young Adult’ is more alive than ever thanks to Netflix, and is that its adaptation of ‘Shadow and bone’ by Leigh Bardugo is exemplary. In it we can find similar elements of the genre, from the magical world in conflict to the prophecy of a chosen one who will save it, but that does not detract from its originality, accompanied by incredible visual effects and defined and charismatic characters. History shows us a world divided by a (literal) crack of darkness whose salvation lies in the most unexpected person.

Release date : April 23.
Available on : Netflix.

5 – Lupine (Season 1)

omar sy looking at the necklace of maria antoinette in the lupine series

The legacy of Arsenio Lupine, the famous white-collar thief created by the writer Maurice Leblanc , lives on in this French Netflix series, which is not so much an adaptation of the famous novels as a tribute to them. He does it through an ingenious thief (Omar Sy) who has Lupine as a model of life and uses his same tricks to discover the truth behind the death of his father and a mysterious necklace that belonged to Marie Antoinette. It is intense, exciting, surprising and fun , with a charismatic protagonist, an idea-tribute that works perfectly and an essence of ‘heist movie’ that has made it one of the first cinephile joys of 2021 on Netflix.

Release date : January 8.
Available on : Netflix.

4 – Mare of Easttown (Miniseries)

mare of easttown

It seems that there is nothing new in ‘ Mare of Easttown ‘: a small town, a series of murders of young women, a detective with many personal problems trying to solve the case, a large group of suspects who are discarded one by one until reveal the shocking truth … All of that is in this series led by Kate Winslet , yes, but done wonderfully well. Not only because the Oscar-winning actress embodies every light and shadow of her character, full of nuances, but also because the story unfolds with the right balance of drama, comedy and suspense. A great series.

Release date : April 19.
Available on : HBO.

3 – It’s a sin (Season 1)

"it's a sin" by hbo
Ben blackall

In 1999, Russel T. Davies revolutionized British fiction and LGTBIQ + representation with ‘Queer As Folk’, and now he takes us to London in the 80s to portray how the worst years of HIV were lived with the first cases of AIDS. Its cast ( Olly Alexander, Omari Douglas, Callum Scott Howells, Lydia West and Nathaniel Curtis ) is an authentic delight, and they become the soul of the story as a group of young ‘queer’ who land in the big city to fulfill their dreams There are many reasons to love this series, from its eighties playlist to its desire for a historical portrait. And although he sometimes gets carried away by clichés and clichés, it is a triumph.

Release date : January 23.
Available on : HBO.

2 – Scarlet Witch and Vision (Season 1)

Marvel studios

The first series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) on Disney + is the strangest and most surprising that we could imagine. It is starred by two secondary gold in the franchise, Scarlet Witch ( Elizabeth Olsen ) and Vision ( Paul Bettany ), who present their life in a North American suburban neighborhood through the history of the North American ‘sitcom’ : each episode pays tribute to a decade of television, with references such as ‘I Love Lucky’, ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ and even ‘The Twilight Zone’. Their mix is ​​charming, mysterious and original to the MCU. Quite a triumph.

Release date : January 15.
Available at
 : Disney +.

1 – Small Ax (Miniseries)

demonstration against racism

Between serial fiction and film anthology, Steve McQueen has created one of the products that will give the most talk in the coming months. ‘Small Ax’ is a multifaceted portrait of racism in the UK that is astonishing in each of its episodes, with stars like John Boyega and Letitia Wright . Although each of its episodes could be considered a movie in its own right, its place in the list of the best series is indisputable. The director of the Oscar-winning ’12 Years of Slavery ‘once again explores the black experience with a forcefulness that will be difficult to overcome in 2021 .

Release date : January 7.
Available at : Movistar +.

2021 series calendar cover in frames
Disney + / Netflix / Amazon Prime Video

Here we collect all the series premieres that will arrive in the coming months, from new seasons to stories that have just arrived on the grill (television or streaming). Some will get into our ranking and others will not , but here is the complete list so you don’t miss any.


04/29 – The Handmaid’s Tale (HBO) – Season 4
04/30 – The Mosquito Coast (Apple TV +) – Premiere
04/30 – The Innocent (Netflix) – Premiere


2/05 – The Girlfriend Experience (Starzplay) – Season 3
3/05 – Pose (HBO) – Season 3
3/05 – Legends of tomorrow (HBO) – Season 6
4/05 – Star Wars: The Bad Remittance (Disney +) – Premiere
5/05 – Harrow (AXN) – Season 3
6/05 – X Company (AXN) – Season 2
7/05 – Mythic Quest (Apple TV +) – Season 2
7/05 – Belgravia (Moistar +) – Premiere
7 / 05 – Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix) – Premiere
05/11 – Kung Fu (TNT) – Premiere
05/11 – Fragile (Filmin) – Premiere
05/12 – The Upshaw Family (Netflix) – Premiere
05/14 – Selena: The Series (Netflix) – Season 2
05/14 – Love, Death & Robots (Netflix) – Season 2
05/14 – Kings of the night (Movistar +) – Premiere
05/14 – High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Disney +) – Season 2
05/14 – Cycles (Apple TV +) – Season 2
05/14 – The Underground Railroad (Amazon Prime Video) – Premiere
05/16 – Run the world (Starzplay) – Premiere
05/19 – Who Killed Sar? (Netflix) – Season 2
05/20 – Special (Netflix) – Season 2
05/21 – The Neighbor (Netflix) – Season 2
05/23 – Master of none (Netflix) – Season 3
05/24 – In therapy (HBO ) – Season 4
05/24 – Black Monday (Movistar +) – Season 3
05/28 – Lucifer (Netflix) – Season 5
05/28 – The Kominsky Method (Netflix) – Season 3
05/28 – Parot (Amazon Prime Video) – Premiere
05/28 – Panic (Amazon Primde Video) – Premiere
05/28 – Rebel (Disney +) – Premiere
05/30 – Birdgirl (HBO) – Premiere


06/04 – Lisey’s Story (Apple TV +) – Premiere
06/04 – Genius: Aretha (Disney +) – Season 3
06/04 – Paraíso (Movistar +) – Premiere
06/04 – Sun (Amazon Prime Video) – Premiere
11 / 06 – Loki (Disney +) – Premiere
11/06 – Home before dark (Apple TV +) – Season 2
18/06 – Elite (Netflix) – Season 4
18/06 – Physical (Apple TV +) – Premiere
18/06 – Fagot Lost (TNT) – Premiere
06/21 – Ricky and Morty (HBO) – Season 5
06/25 – Mysterious Benedict Society (Disney +) –
06/25 Premiere – Central Park (Apple TV +) – Season 2


07/23 – Red Sky (Netflix) – Season 2

Have you all enjoyed THE BEST SERIES OF 2021 Post!! Friends, your suggestions are always welcomed. Feel free and drop the message and also comment on the comment section, don’t hesitate to Contact us

Have a good day! See you all soon.

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