Kendall Jenner talks about her addiction to social media and her anxiety

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Believe us, you may identify a lot with some of his words.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Possibly attend the mobile phone that already accumulates messages, emails and some other ‘like’ in networks. This is how the day starts and when the bill for enjoying social networks ends, it often amounts to several hours of the day glued to the screen. An addiction that not only occurs to ordinary people but also experienced figures who succeed on these platforms where they accumulate millions of followers. Among them, Kendall Jenner. The model, who has already verbalized her anxiety and the panic attacks she suffers in the family reality show, has met with mental health expert Jorge Partida to talk in a video for Vogue where he has addressed the psychological problems that the networks cause him.

According to her, the relationship she maintains with the networks today could be labeled as ‘addictive’, a link that does not make her feel proud but that she understands that it happens very often in the digital age. A dependency that, if that were not enough, affirms that every day it takes her further away from reality, leaving her anchored in what she sees on the screen. Something that, sadly, also happens to many of us. “It gives me the feeling that there are too many social networks and that the more I look at the screen, the more I distance myself from my own body and from what happens in front of me,” concludes the mannequin.

What bothers you the most about social media?

Another confession that Jenner acknowledged in front of the camera was the fact that one of the things that cause him most anxiety in the networks is how overwhelming they can be. And adds:

“There are times when I feel like I’m breaking down and I can’t take it anymore because sometimes I get the feeling that I’m not doing anything right.”

One of these controversies to which he refers was the one that starred in 2017 in a Pepsi ad that had ended up being withdrawn from the media by the brand.

Likewise, the model said that one of the things that most boiled her blood on digital platforms is that she speculates and invents her life without knowing the reality, something that happens constantly due to the media exposure of her family. “There are those who stay with something in particular and speak without context […] Everything stands out and enhances, both for better and for worse,” he concludes.

Wrap up

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