Selena Gomez leaves clues about a possible new album: the last one before retiring? 😱

Selena Gomez

Fans are fibrillating at the singer’s latest publications because it seems that she is already preparing her next release. Of course, will it be your final goodbye?

Selena Gomez’s artistic career began in 2002 when Disney signed her to star in “The Wizards of Waverly Place.” The first boom years were the best of his career, although the situation began to change when he had psychological problems, broke up with his partner, was diagnosed with lupus, and certain other events, which demonstrated what we all already sensed: he has no good luck. If we focus on the musical field, the same thing happens a bit. We love his songs but not even the strongest ones, like Lose You To Love Me, or the recent album released entirely in Spanish, have managed to hit it to maximum levels or take the best-known statuettes of recognition.

Moreover, in one of his last statements, he assured that it would be the last time he tried it in the world of music because “it is difficult to continue doing it when people do not take you seriously. Maybe the next time I make an album, it will be different. I want to try one last time before probably retiring from music. ”

By bad or good luck, it seems that time has come, as he has dropped a series of clues on Instagram about what his new album could be . Under the hashtag # SG3, that is, Selena Gomez 3, she posted an image with a bracelet on her wrist, where these letters could be read.

Selena Gomez

Of course, fans have already figured out their theories. The one that sounds the most, without a doubt, is that of his new album. The next project would not be his third album, since before he released ‘Star Dance’ (2013), ‘Revival’ (2015), and ‘Rare’ (2020), but it would be the third of his new era, once he surpassed what happened in the last years. The shots can also go for a ‘to the third time the charm’ or for the beginning of his ‘third stage’, now that he has been dyed blonde. We will remain attentive to possible new leads.

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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