Eurovision 2021: “We’re second, it’s crazy! »… Barbara Pravi and the French camp on a cloud after the final

French singer Barbara Pravi during her performance in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam (Netherlands), May 22, 2021.
French singer Barbara Pravi during her performance in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam (Netherlands), May 22, 2021. - EBU / THOMAS HANSES

MUSIC “Xplorely” gathered hot reactions from Barbara Pravi after her second place at Eurovision 2021, on the night from Saturday to Sunday.

  • On the night of Saturday to Sunday, in Rotterdam (Netherlands), the French Barbara Pravi placed second in Eurovision 2021, behind the Italian group Måneskin.
  • “It had been thirty years since we had obtained such a result! “, Rejoiced Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the head of the French delegation.
  • “I did what I wanted, how I wanted, down to the last detail, that’s all that matters,” said Barbara Pravi.

From our special correspondent in Rotterdam (Netherlands)

There are second places that taste like victory. This feeling predominated in the French camp at the end of Eurovision 2021 which saw Barbara Pravi rank just behind – with 25 points close – the Italian group Måneskin, the big winner of this edition.

” It’s enormous! It had been thirty years since we had obtained such a result! “, Enthuses Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the head of the French delegation. And to add: “I believe that this will change the outlook of many French people on the competition. We are proving that France is back, that we want and that we will seek this first place! “

“I’m high, I think I’ll sleep well,” slips Barbara Pravi arriving in the press center, after having experienced these intense emotions.

She had declared at the beginning of the week that she did not plan to leave Rotterdam with regrets and she was not lying: “I did what I wanted, as I wanted, in the smallest detail. , It’s all that matters. “

She projects herself into the after

When asked to tell what went through her mind when announcing the points, she replies tit for tat: “I don’t think I’ve received any grades since college. It was very strange. Victory, I brush against it, and at the same time, I tell myself that a victory is something that never happens. We are second, it’s crazy! Barbara Pravi also relishes the fact that her song Voilà , has transcended language barriers.

Another fact rare enough to be reported: the French singer received, before the final, a message of encouragement from Emmanuel Macron in a comment on Instagram. “I found that very surprising. Any message that sends me love is well received. The first thing I did was a screenshot that I sent to my parents, ”she confides, amused.

Some rest

Barbara Pravi wants to give herself a little rest, take the time to find her loved ones and her Parisian daily life, far from her Dutch hotel room where she cannot open the windows.

She says she has already “passed to the next box”. Namely the release of his new album for the end of the summer, then his concerts to meet the French public. On February 1, 2022, she will be on the stage of the Trianon, in Paris. “I was a waitress there,” she recalls. Barbara Pravi knows where she is going, does not forget where she comes from and her career promises to be radiant.

Wrap up

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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