Eurovision 2021: France will not lodge a complaint against Italy

Italian group Maneskin won Eurovision 2021 but is accused of consuming cocaine live during the show
Italian group Maneskin won Eurovision 2021 but is accused of consuming cocaine live during the show - AFP

JUSTICE “The vote is extremely clear in favor of Italy. She did not steal her victory and that is what counts ”, assures Delphine Ernotte

Basta cosi with this story. France, second in Eurovision , “does not intend to file a complaint at all” while the winners are at the heart of a controversy, said Monday in Le Parisien Delphine Ernotte , patron of France Televisions, who broadcasts Eurovision in France and manages the French delegation.

Damiano David, lead singer of the victorious Italian band Måneskin , will undergo drug testing after a video goes viral. Filmed during the ceremony, we see him, without the images being very clear, in a posture assimilated by some Internet users to taking cocaine. What he denies.

Fair play and friendship

“Whatever the result of the test, France has no intention of filing a complaint at all,” assures Delphine Ernotte. The vote is extremely clear in favor of Italy . She didn’t steal her victory and that’s what counts ”. Without recourse from France, the classification could not move any more whatever happens.

“Eurovision is a healthy competition, without a big deal, with a lot of fair play and friendship between the teams and we must keep this spirit,” continues the manager. We want to win, but we will be happy to go to Italy next year. And we will win the fair. “

Slip inside out on top of that?

Barbara Pravi, who came second with  Voilà, the best French ranking for 30 years, was also detached from the controversy surrounding the Italians. “Me, first of all, I don’t care a bit. These are things that don’t concern me. And above all what is real is that these are people who were elected and by the public and by the jury. Afterward, if they take drugs if they put their underpants upside down or something… It’s not my problem, ”she commented on Sunday evening in the 20 hours of France 2.


The singer of Måneskin continues to refute the accusations, as he did at the press conference after the presentation of the trophy on Saturday in Rotterdam: “I do not do drugs. Please, guys. Don’t say that, really. No cocaine. Please don’t say that. “

Wrap up

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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