She takes the wrong draw and wins $ 2 million

She takes the wrong draw and wins $ 2 million viral news

A North Carolina woman won a whopping $ 2 million in the lottery after buying a ticket for a raffle she didn’t want to participate in.

Elizabeth Johnson rushed to buy her Powerball lottery ticket Wednesday night, but the woman missed the deadline by barely a minute, according to NC Education Lottery officials.

However, his ticket was still valid for another draw that took place three days later and earned him $ 2 million, according to CNN.

The five numbers on his ticket were identical to those in the $ 1 million draw. The prize was doubled when the x2 multiplier ball was drawn. The odds of having the five correct numbers are one in 11.6 million, the lottery authorities say.

“It was a real shock! When I got a message telling me that I had won, I was like, ‘but I didn’t even participate,’ ”Ms. Johnson said.

In all, this mother will receive the sum of $ 1,415,001 after taxes. Elizabeth Johnson plans to buy a house and go on a trip.

“The kids want to go to Disneyland. We’ve never been there, and now we will, ”she said.

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