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Parrot saved his owner’s life, whole incident became fiercely viral

Parrot eric

It is said that pets are very loyal to their owner.

The bird called out its owner’s name even before the smoke detectors could detect the alarm. A pet parrot Eric (Eric-the parrot) saved his owner’s life. That is became viral on news and social media.
Parrot calls out owner’s name, saves him from house fire in Australia
Eric’s owner
Source ABC news.

Public Relations Webdesk | It is said that pets are very loyal to their owner. This is absolutely true and on many occasions animals have proved it. Today we are going to tell you about one such incident, which you will be proud to know. Actually, a pet parrot (Eric-the parrot) saved his owner’s life. Actually, It happened that when a fire broke out in the house and the owner was sleeping, the pet parrot shouted and woke up its owner. Which saved his life. Its video is becoming quite viral on social media.

This is the case of Australia’s Queensland

This whole case is from Kangaroo area of ​​Queensland state. Where Nguyen lives in Salstone Street. Nguyen lives alone and his only companion in the house is his pet parrot Eric. In such a situation, Eric picked him up when there was a fire.

Eric saved me

Nguyen said, ‘I was sleeping and the house had an information indicator on fire, but before that Eric woke me up and we both got out of the house with our luggage. In short, In this way our life was saved.

Shadow eric on social media

This feat was followed by a parrot named Eric on social media. On the other hand, Everyone is talking about Eric. Above all, Australia’s big media has covered Eric’s feat. People are also praising Eric’s intelligence on social media.

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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