Mary from Denmark has the green swimsuit from recycled sea trash for summer 2023

Mary from Denmark has the green swimsuit from recycled sea trash for summer 2023

We are becoming more aware of the importance of purchasing sustainable fashion made through recycling processes. Thanks to Mary from Denmark, we have met a Danish firm that rescues waste from the sea and turns it into fashion.

Almost 20 years since Mary Donaldson came into the life of the heir to the Danish throne. The Australian has managed to conquer the entire country of her, she is one of the most beloved members of this royal family, but not only because her charisma has made most ‘fashionistas’ fall in love.

Princess Mary, since she became royalty in the early 2000s, has positioned herself as one of the ‘royals’ with the best taste in fashion. Although there is an evolution in her way of dressing and in her preferences when choosing her outfits, her style has been and is impeccable. Elegance is the adjective that would best define each of her looks, from the most sophisticated (for official acts and events it is usually more classic, with neutral tones and contrasting seriousness with the most casual accessories) to the most ‘casual’ (once to the daily ‘outfits’, he usually chooses bohemian-inspired or casual outfits).

A brand that extracts garbage from the sea and turns it into fashion

On occasions, he has worn ‘low-cost’ Spanish brands such as Zara. But the last thing we have seen in her has been an incredible difference: a simple olive green swimsuit from the Copenhagen Cartel brand, a Danish firm that is dedicated to transforming the garbage it collects from the sea into garments that are impressive for their quality, process, and appearance.

The swimsuit is very pretty but it is much more important to us that there are these initiatives that benefit the general sustainability of the planet and are profitable by making people aware of what we are doing and what we can transform. Without a doubt, it has been one of the best discoveries this year, and possibly our summer will have part of this brand in our beach bag.

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