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For enthusiasts of superhero candor

Direction: Don Hall, Chris Williams
OV title: Big Hero 6
Nationality: USA Year: 2014 Release date: 12-19-2014 Duration: 108 Genre: Animation Color or B / W: Color Script: Don Hall Music: Henry Jackman
Synopsis: When a series of dire events threaten to devastate the city of San Fransokyo, young Hiro, a 14-year-old robotics genius, turns to his best friend, the good-natured robot Baymax. Together they will recruit a band of superheroes called Big Hero 6 that will try to foil the evil Yokai.



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The best: his robot, a prodigy of minimalism.

The worst: that his script plays it safe so much.

North American animation has been nourishing for years on the expressiveness, fluency and kinetic vigor of anime, something like a blood transfusion (or language) to which Disney already timidly pointed out with ‘The Treasure Planet’ (R. Clements & R. Musker, 2002). ‘Big Hero 6’ represents a happy triumph of this creative miscegenation: every corner of its universe, the fruit of a cultural mash-up between the urban areas of Tokyo and San Francisco, breathes thanks to an oriental acceleration of the traditional style of the house. Baymax, the inflatable android that acts as the gravitational center of the function, is the exact point where the eloquence of Hayao Miyazaki and the infinite plastic possibilities of the Genie or Stitch converge. An animated landmark for posterity.

This sparkling and luminous film also symbolizes the first great meeting between Disney and Marvel: nominally based on a minor property of the publisher, ‘Big Hero 6’ adapts all the commonplaces of the traditional superhero origin story to a story of friendship between a depressed child. and lovable mechanical brute. The fund, predictable, never shines as bright as the form, but at least it contains a defense of education as the basis of all personal training that resonates (and how) after fireworks.

'Big Hero 6'

‘Big Hero 6’

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