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Gargi Movie Review: Sai Pallavi performs in this touching legal drama with a twist

Sai Pallavi's Gargi Movie Review

Sai Pallavi’s amazing performances have made her a household name throughout India. Put her in any film, and she’d come out on top. She has done herself in her upcoming film, Gargi, by portraying the role of a devoted daughter (Gargi) who works very hard to save her father Brammanandam (RS Shivaji), the fifth accused in a rape case.

Gargi begins with a casual introduction scene in which Sai Pallavi is giving an exam at the school where she works. Her life is routine. Her father works as an apartment security guard, while her mother is a housewife with a little business. They are from a lower-middle-class family that is happy with their earnings and live in their own home. Their lives are turned upside down when the police arrest her father on charges of raping a nine-year-old child with four others. Gargi is shocked but not defeated. To fight the case, she hires lawyer Indrans Kaliyaperumal (Kaali Venkat). He has stammering problems, and this is his first case. Will Gargi be able to release her father? Will she find out the truth about the gang rape?

Gargi appears to be an emotional storyline on the surface. However, it has many levels, which keep the audience interested. The evidence against Brammanandam is solid, but there is a twist. The police and the public prosecutor are upset with the accused and will go to any length to put them behind the prison. With all of his inexperience and new eyes, it is Indrans who discovers the loopholes (in this case, a lack of proof against him) to secure his bail and then eventually free him from the case.

Gargi is sensitive and empathetic for a film regarding sexual abuse. It does not become too violent when showing the gang rape incident, nor does it show the child’s face. Gargi feels bad for what happened to the child, but she also knows she can’t let that stop her from fighting for her father.

The case is reviewed by a transgender judge. The public prosecutor mocks her, claiming that if it had been a “normal person,” the case would have been closed. The judge responds by adding, “I understand a man’s arrogance and a woman’s suffering. I am the most qualified to handle the trial.” Gautham Ramachandran, the director, should be rewarded for this scene. Another lovely scene is when Sai Pallavi’s Gargi shuts the door to her home. It’s a powerful metaphor, meaning that with her father in prison, all doors are closing on her in life.

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Gargi is also a genius of irony. It conveys the message that no place is secure for a woman. Gargi is in court when she is photographed without her permission. Bennix Jayaraj is the name of the police officer that investigated the case. These are the names of two people who died as a result of prison torture in 2020. Saravanan, who was kicked from Bigg Boss Tamil after confessing to groping a woman, was identified as the child’s father.

Gargi is also a good procedural drama. We don’t see lawyers shouting at each other or giving unnecessary sermons in court. Gautham Ramachandran’s careful research is clear in every scene.

The climax, however, separates Gargi from other films in this category. It can either shock or drive you. It’s scary, but it also makes you consider our times and how vulnerable women are. When Gargi discovers the truth, she lets out a cry that shakes you to your heart. The film’s highlight is Sai Pallavi’s performance. With their performances, Kaali Venkat and RS Shivaji have given her tough opposition.

Gargi is also technically skilled. With Govind Vasantha’s music, the film allows you to sense the emotions of the characters. Gargi is a must-see film when it comes to the topic, which is so relevant today.

Gargi gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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