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I have visit saputara on 16 October 2020 and I felt so amazing and cool. You should visit here at once for a mind-blowing view and make you feel so good. After all, you should come here before sunrise and you should get back home after sunset. As well as, keep this in mind that you should definitely take a bottle of water and snacks. There are few hotels in saputara which are good for stay and an amazing hill-station. And those roads are mind-blowing for bikers which I love the most. If you are tourist and who is visiting first time in india than here i have 201 tips for travel in india.

Saputara Hotels & resort

Here I have few Saputara hotels which are in Saputara resort that you don’t have to drive far for an amazing view from resort and hotels and mind blowing weather.

Hotel Lake View offering a swimming pool, free wifi, AC, Fitness centre, and spa, as well as a wellness centre. After all, it is located 100m from Saputara Lake.

Surti cottage offering Garden and much more that you will definitely love it. After all, it is located 250 meter from centre.

Hotel Kansar Palace offering a garden, free wifi, 24-hour services, and much more. After all, it is located 300 meters from the center.

Aakar Lords Inn offering an Outdoor pool, AC rooms, free parking, TV, and much more. After all, it is 550 meters away from the center.

Sunotel offering a Garden, Terrace, Restaurant, 24 hours services, Free Wifi, TV. After all, it is located 750 meters from the center.

Hotel Anando offering a Garden, restaurant, 24 hours services, free wifi, free parking, TV. After all, it is located 850 meters from the center.

Saffron Valley View offering free wifi, balcony, vegetarian breakfast. After all, it is located 1km from the center.


Saputara hillstation
Saputara Sunrise hill-station

Saputara sunrise hill-station is look like this

Lake & Waterfalls

Saputara Waterfalls

Saputara Waterfalls and Lake: Waterfalls as well as there is a lake too that you will definietly love it. After all you have drive your bike inside and there is a parking area so you can park your car too.

Eat and Drink in Saputara

You will definitely get a Vegetarian thali’s like Gujarati, Punjabi and much more, as well as you will have it in a restaurant where you can have different dishes. few restaurants offer North Indian and Chinese. After all, you will get Lemon-Soda (nimbu-paani) and Ice-Candy (Baraf-Gola) at every corner of the roads.

Saputara Weather

Best time to visit, Minimum and maximum temerature in months.

  • January 10 to 36 Degree Celsius
  • February 10 to 36 Degree Celsius
  • March 23 to 44 Degree Celsius
  • April 23 to 44 Degree Celsius
  • May 23 to 44 Degree Celsius
  • June 23 to 44 Degree Celsius
  • July 23 to 44 Degree Celsius
  • August 23 to 44 Degree Celsius
  • September 23 to 44 Degree Celsius
  • October 23 to 44 Degree Celsius
  • November 10 to 36 Degree Celsius
  • December 10 to 36 Degree Celsius

Click here for Saputara map

You can contact us to let us know if we are missing something on out page, I hope you like it by the way thank you for your visit.

Written by Zakariya Daman

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