Taylor Swift's cat, Olivia Benson, is the world's third-richest pet with $97 million net worth

 The 33-year-old singer's cat Olivia Benson is the third richest pet in the world, according to a recent report from All About Cats.

 Olivia Benson, a cat, is ranked third on Rolling Stone's list with 97 million net worth

Benson is utilizing the immense wealth of the 33-year-old pop star without even having an Instagram account.

Olivia has been featured in a number of Taylor Swift's music videos and has made appearances on her social media accounts.

More than two million people liked a picture of Benson sprawled out on a couch that Ms. Swift posted in 2020.

Outside of Instagram, Olivia has achieved success by influencing

Along with Swift, Olivia has appeared in advertisements for AT&T, Diet Coke, and DirectTV.

After appearing on Swift's Christmas cards in 2020, the singer's cats made headlines.

 The card's images were shared by journalist Kyle Meredith on his Instagram account.