Taylor Swift’s cat listed among world’s richest pets #$97 million

Inflation? Recession? You can boo and hiss at the situation right now.

The cat has a net worth of $97 million, which is more than most of us make in a lifetime.

Olivia Benson, the canine companion of the "Anti-Hero" singer, has one of the top three richest pets.

According to a report from All About Cats,Taylor Swift’s Cat has a $97 million net worth .

By appearing in a number of commercials, Swift's favorite feline clawed her way to the top.

"Captain Olivia Benson off duty like—" was Swift's caption for a 2020 photo of her adorable pet.

Over 2 million people saw the snap, which was a huge hit.

Mariska Hargitay's character in "Law & Order: SVU" inspired Olivia's name. Unit for Special Victims." 

Olivia Benson, is the world's third richest kitty with $97 million.