OHH MY GOD!!! Taylor Swift's cat  Olivia Benson Is Reportedly Worth $97 Million

Yess, it's True!! Taylor Swift's Scottish fold Olivia Benson is the third-richest pet in the world.

According to a recent report Olivia Benson is the 3 richest pet in the world with $97 million to its credit

The chubby cat has a net worth of 97 million dollars, which is close to 800 crore rupees.

Each pet's estimated revenue per social media post were used to announced this news.

In 2020, Swift posted a picture of Olivia curled up on a couch to her Instagram page,

The photo of Olivia on instagram received more than 2 million likes.

Swift has a cat named Benjamin Button after the character played by Brad Pitt in 2008

The button is an adorable ragdoll cat but he didn’t make the cut like Olivia Benson

Her fluffy cat has been featured in advertisements, one of which ran in 2014 for Diet Coke.