5 private islands that cost less than an apartment

5 private islands that cost less than an apartment

For those who want more than a small house in the city, and at an even lower price. 

There is a very famous saying that says that you should never give up on dreams, and although it sounds a bit naive to us adults today, the truth is that it is true. If our dream was to live on a desert island, that saying is still valid, very valid. There are private islands, in fact, that cost less than an apartment in the city – much less – and if that is really our dream, the question is simple: it can be achieved

“Big Tancook Island”, Canada. $69667.90

big tancook island

Nova Scotia is one of the most famous and well-known provinces in Canada, not far from Quebec. Here is this small island overlooking the Atlantic, north of big cities like New York and Boston.

The property measures about 4 hectares and is covered by fir forests: it can be divided further and resold, but the incredible thing is the cost, lower than that of any studio in Europe.

The island of “Danhattan”, in the United States. $322363.89


For those looking for an island all to themselves, comfortable, covered with forest, and ready to house a wooden house, a chalet, or a small cabin, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Its price is about 260,000 euros, which is less than the price for which you would buy a two-bedroom apartment in cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.

Majestic Island, United States. $ 336648.09

majestic island

Well, let’s move on to something a little more expensive: on Majestic Island (also in the United States) there is already a house, completely made of wood and ready for a long vacation in the name of nature. It is part of a Wisconsin archipelago made up primarily of private islands scattered across a large lake famous for its fishing and beavers.

Bocal Island, Nicaragua. $ 358223.44

isla nipple island

Finally an island with palm trees: those who dream of an island where they can take refuge for a while dream of it like in a Hollywood movie. We are in Central America, and the island of Bocal is one of those islands that already has a tourist complex, a house for three people, some stairs that go from the small port along the rocks to the green grass, and then, as we have said before the palm trees. Only the Caribbean breeze is worth the price.

Iguana Island, Nicaragua. $ 486085.95

Iguana island

This, on the other hand, is a larger and more expensive island than the others, but we are still below 400 thousand euros, which is the price of a three-bedroom house in the most important cities of our country. We are in Nicaragua, and on Iguana Island (yes, you may see some iguanas, in fact) there are three houses, a tower for observing animals, two marinas, and four dream beaches. Not bad, right? If you are interested in buying it, click here.

Be careful, they are not the only islands for sale. As we already told you here, the island of St Michael’s Mount is looking for someone to live in its castle, while this private island costs less than a studio, and is close to Richard Branson’s house.

Wrap up

So, friends, these were 5 private islands that cost less than an apartment Where you must go instead, you can plan a vacation there ..! So you can book there. Tell us about your favorite island out of all the islands mentioned here, or the specialty of any island that has touched your heart.

See you all soon.

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Written by Shraddha Diwan

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