Yana Cat: there are 90 thousand followers in social media

Yana cat

Meet unique Yana Cat, there are 89.8 k followers in social media

Yana cat is popular for some particular reason and what is that special reason. Also you must have understood by looking at the picture of it. Yana have a Two Face half is brown and half is black.

unique cat 'Yana'

In fact, this is the reason that makes it different from others. At the same time, Yana cat is also quite cute and many of its pictures are dominate on social media. Of course, it seems that the cat has two different mouths.

There is also an account of ‘Yana’ on the Insta platform of social media, on which about 90 thousand people follow him.

After all, the old owner of this cat named in honor of Janus, a Greek god. It is said that that deity also had two faces “Venus Cat“one face looked towards the future, and one looked at the past.

Before Yana, a cat named Venus cat also very famous. Whose half was black and a half was orange.

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Written by Zakariya Daman

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