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With God, we have run into a trailer of the last episodes of season 5 of ‘Lucifer’


It will be the penultimate of the series, and we can see it on Netflix.

Lucifer has had demonic luck as he prematurely ended his fourth season on Fox. His fans then mobilized under the hashtag #SaveLucifer and got Netflix to take over the format, committing to produce a fifth and sixth installment that would end the story satisfactorily. . But there the problems did not end: the coronavirus crisis interrupted the filming of the new episodes, and as if that were not enough, the producers started a bitter dispute with the actor Tom Ellis on account of his sudden decision to leave the series. Finally, the waters returned to their course, Ellis continues as the protagonist, and Lucifer is already on Netflix pending the end of his fifth (and penultimate season).

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This will arrive through eight new episodes on May 28 , with Ildy Modrovich as showrunner . This is in a matter of weeks, and Netflix has decided to launch a trailer where we can intuit what the new obstacles will be to go through by the protagonist. They will not be exactly small, since as Lucifer had been intuiting he will have to deal with God in person. Previously we had only heard his voice (by  Neil Gaiman ), but in the second half of the fifth season he will appear in the flesh (or something like that) with the face of Dennis Haysbert , seen in 24 with the role of David Palmer .

All of which makes us think that the great villain that Lucifer faces in the series finale will be God himself, extending his confrontation to the death during the next sixth season, of which there is no news yet. In the meantime, here is the trailer for the last chapters of the fifth season. 

Lucifer season 5 Part 2 trailer

If you know more about Tom Ellis and want to tell, please let us know. Thank you ..!

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