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Kartik Aryan’s Special day, know Kartik’s Struggle Story

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Kartik Aaryan turns 30 today, hence completing the third decade of an eventful life that he has been living. Considering the fact that he made his debut back in 2011 with Pyaar Ka Punchnama, turning 30 is indeed special as it also means a decade in the industry. Today he shared one video on Twitter. Let’s take a small look below.

Kartik’s Struggle Story

Actor Kartik Aryan, who made his mark as the monologue king of Bollywood, lives in the hearts of fans today. But like any other actor, Kartik Aryan has also struggled to become famous and make a name in the film industry. There was a time when a casting director told him that he would remain jobless. His Struggle Story is telling on his birthday.

About his plan to become an actor, Karthik said, “I didn’t know what my parents would say about it.” So I decided that I will study in Gwalior till 12th and come to Mumbai for college. Luckily I also got admission in a college in Navi Mumbai. I started living in hostels and started looking for auditions”.

Karthik did not deal with the industry. In such a situation, he had to adopt a different maneuver to get work. He told, “There were no contacts in my industry, so I used to find auditions on

Karthik also told that he has been with 12 people in his first flat. He said, “Soon I started getting projects, like a few seconds work in an advertisement. My expenses continued with that. In the end I rented a flat with 12 boys in Andheri. I had very little money. If I could not afford the portfolio, I used to send my face out of my group photos to the agents. I skipped college to do all this and my parents did not know about it.

In another interview, Karthik told how a casting director had driven him away on seeing him. Karthik told an interview to Filmfare, “I stood in the audition line for hours and then I was told in front of everyone,” Go. You are not right for this. After that the casting director said, ‘It cannot happen. It will not work in ad and serial too. It is wasting their time and will only struggle for its entire life.

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Karthik further told that after watching one of his films, the casting director called him to his office and apologized to him. He said, “He called me and said forgive me. You proved me wrong. ”If I have ever thought wrong of anyone in my entire career, it was you.”

Success Phase

Let me tell you that the film Pyaar Ka Panchnama proved to be necessary for Karthik Aryan to make a place in the film industry. The story of getting this film is also quite interesting. According to Karthik, he found this film on Facebook. Karthik was searching for an audition with keywords on his Facebook and then he came to know about Pyaar Ka Panchnama on a Facebook wall.

He got the title of Monologue King from the film Pyaar Ka Panchnama. His 8-minute monologue spoken on girls had become quite viral. Later, he made a place in the eyes of big directors and producers from Sonu’s Titu’s Sweety film with Nusrat Bhrucha. Karthik had given a great film back to back after coming into the industry. After which he has ruled the hearts of millions. And especially the girls are crazy about him. Now Karthik is working in big films like Bhool Bhulaiya 2 and Dostana 2.

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So, friends, this was a special Struggle Story of Karthik’s special day. Many people should be inspired by that …! Dreams can be seen and can also be completed, only hard work is necessary. We should learn this from Karthik. In Addition, Please comment and tell us which one is the movie of Kartik Aryan which you like very much. .!

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